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شŢ.Mechanical Counter Register << ԡ
شŢ.Mechanical Counter Register << ԡ
Թ : SP_ME3
Թ : شŢ.Mechanical Counter Register << ԡ
: Mechanical Counter Register شŢҹԡ ẺʴӹǹԵҧ

Mechanical Counter Register شŢҹԡ ẺʴӹǹԵ

Counter Register / Mechanical Counter Register [Display Liter Only]

شŢѺСͺѺҵѴѹͧͺ÷ӧҹ٧ Դöѹ ҹ˹ѡ

شŢҹԡ Wheels Mechanical: ǧҹԡ ẺʴӹǹԵҧ

Ѻҹ ҹ˹ѡ դҹ §ç ͧا ͧѡҡ Դ駧 Ѻҡ»ҹ Ҥصˡ ҹŨʵԡ   Сҹǹ˹§ҹͧػóѺӹǹդҹ 

JSQ-2 Mechanical Flow Meter Register

The JSQ-2 mechanical flow meter register is the outstanding choice for recording and displaying delivery data in a wide variety of industries. In the petroleum refining and distribution field, it is used from the well to pipelines and storage centers, then to gasoline and fuel oil delivery trucks. In the chemical processing field, it can be used for displaying totals during mixing and batching operations. The mechanical flow meter register totals and displays high speed deliveries and transactions in large easy-to-read figure. 


1. The mechanical flow meter register offers crisp, high visibility digital display for optimum readability in all ambient lighting.
2. It features the latest technology. Modern materials give maximum dependability at a speed to 250 rpm of right wheel ord.
3. Built-in precision totalizer accumulates up to 99,999,999 units, delivery display 5 digital.
4. It has acetyl resin components for smooth operation and extra long life.
5. It fits all popular flow meters

Specifications :

Counter Display  :        Volume 5 digits
Totalizer                :        Volume 8 digits
Reset                     :        Resetable by knob
Dimension            :        [ W x L x H ] 29 x 21 x 12 cm.

Packaging Data

Model                     :        JSQ-2
Packaging             :        2pcs/carton
Net Weight            :        13Kgs
Gross Weight        :        14Kgs
Size                        :        34×28×38cm



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