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.Explosion-Proof Motor << ԡ
.Explosion-Proof Motor << ԡ
Թ : SP_MO1
Թ : .Explosion-Proof Motor << ԡ
: .ԴѹԴ / شٴ¹ѹ

Explosion-Proof Motor  кͧѹ Դ

öҹѺ ¹ѹ, شٴ¹ѹ, 쪹Դҹ˹ѡ

͡¢Ҵ ͧ١..

Technical Specifications :

Single Phase
Three Phase
220V / 50Hz - 60Hz
380V / 50Hz
750 W - 7.5 Kw.
Standard HP.
1 Hp - 10 Hp.
1250 /  3000 RPM

Explosion-Proof Motor Standard: UL IEC EN GB

Product Description:

All motors labeled with SIDA, more information to visit our website.

          1. UL listed Motor for Class I Group D((E219279)
          2. ATEX certificate and had been exported to Germany, US, Australia, Korea, Southeast Asia(India) and Africa.
          For ATEX, we have QAN and EC for the following models:
          --> Single phase : 370W, 550W, 750W, 1000W run at 220/230V 50/60Hz
          --> Three phase  : 370W, 750W, 1.5Kw run at 400V 50Hz
          3. PECE Certificated Motor which can be used in China.
          4. Can design and make Explosion-proof motor according to your requirement and get related UL, ATEX, and IECEx Certificate.

Company is a professional fuel dispenser motor manufacturer based in China. We offer various types of products such as electric transfer pump unit, manual nozzle, positive displacement flow meter, heavy flow fuel dispenser, and LPG side channel multistage pump. 

ǹŴ .Explosion-Proof Motor  >>> Download


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